Hi, may I have a recommendation? I like female characters being awesome, time travel, the fabric of reality being messed with, gods who act like people with all their faults, and big mysteries/conspiracies. Do you have any recs?


I’ve recommended this before but I’m not gonna stop: A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki, there’s quantum physics, japanese high school, schroedinger’s cat and hello kitty. It’s fab, the end. There are even french maid cafes! Can you ask for more?

Also check out Lockwood & Co.: The Screaming Staircase by Jonathan Stroud. It’s a middle grade, comedy, paranormal series, where a brother and sister fight ghosts in an alternate reality. It’s a London where the world is filled with ghosts that are only visible to children. It’s a little dark, definitely messes with the fabric of reality, and the girl is awesome.

I look forward to your thoughts and if you’re considering using The Book Depository, I hope you will use this link

*Yodels from the heavens* OUTLANDERRRRRRRRRRRR

-time traveling

-female characters being awesome.

-realistic historical fantasy.

Hand embroidered illustration, stitched art.” By Sam Gibson in the UK.

go into a starbucks in NYC and say very loudly into your phone “this movie script is stale and trite! we need some new talent, someone with a fresh outlook” and wait


Ashkan Honarvar - Faces (2009)


^ This is the British Library Digitized Manuscripts Site.

A lot of people have asked about my process doing research for medievalpoc. I use a lot of resources and tools that are readily available for anyone to use, and this is one of them. There are thousands of manuscripts available to just page through and zoom in on, as if you had the book right in front of you.

If the idea of searching through endless lists of titles and numbers is daunting to you, the Digitized Medieval Manuscripts Collection has a blog.

The blog makes topical posts with images of the manuscripts according to those topics, and then links to the full manuscripts, so you can go looking at them yourself:


Like so:


You can learn what the heck a Leucrota is supposed to be here.

They also have a Twitter.

One of the best things about medievalpoc is that I get to see people get excited about art and history, and if you decide you’d like to go exploring, this is a great place to do that. I think the manuscript viewer is relatively user-friendly, and there’s a ton of information about the histories of the manuscripts themselves there, too.


Can we all stop acting like disagreeing about books is a form of oppression and get back to reading / tearing down the monolith of straight white male america.


Drexciya (2012) Trailer

Drexciya (28 Min., Super 16mm, Germany / Burkina Faso 2012) is a short science fiction film by Simon Rittmeier, inspired by the Drexciyan myth

Plot: Thomas works as a trafficker for European refugees that are seeking a better life in Africa. One day his ship sinks and he finds himself as the only survivor washed up on the African shore. He tries to reach the next megacity: Drexciya, an advanced high-tech world. Somewhere in the desert he is stopped by a huge light fence. At the end of his rope a group of young Africans stumble across him: Sisay, Kanchebe and Dylis. After a while they decide to take him along. Yet their mission also seems to be a strange one. They are looking for an almost forgotten place. Lost in the wide desert they come to know each other - speechless, strangers in their own land. More info.

[via Darkfloor / Drexciya Research Lab]

christophollis replied to your post: Ugh. That previous post reminds me of those…
I don’t think that John is ace because he has a wife who he probably has sex with, but I agree with you on Sherlock. all of the shipping stuff I see on it just seems grossly out of character for both of them, especially Sherlock

John isn’t ace. Sherlock is the one who is ace. John is heterosexual and plausibly biromantic. It is also arguable that Sherlock is biromantic as well in addition to being ace.

And this stands true across the board, in nearly every mainstream incarnation— including (and most importantly) Doyle’s.


Also, the shipping itself isn’t bad. It’s canonical. However, in that regard, John and Sherlock never consummate or explore that aspect of their relationship.

They are in a constant ” stare at each other in wonder and wax poetic, privately” state, like a couple of dorky eighth graders with a crush, and the feelings are obviously romantic (in the canon material, and such judgement is supported by an additional hundred years of journal and thesis on the subject)

It is not the shipping that is the problem, it is the invalidation of the real people and the injustice that is denying them their rare and rightful representation that is the problem.